Woodleigh Waterworks yield a capacity of 200 ML/d. The plant right now works routine drinking water treatment handle of clarification, filtration and chlorination. In its persistent endeavors to supply quality water to Singapore’s developing populace, Bar extreme to move forward Woodleigh Waterworks by giving extra treatment forms – Ozonation and Organically Enacted Carbon (BAC) channels – to improve the plant’s treatment robustness. The overhauls will permit the office to stay flexible to variations in crude bolster water quality and as well as to bring unused taken a toll efficiencies to assist oversee rising fetched pressures. While the existing water treatment handle at Woodleigh (i.e. clarification, filtration, chlorination) as of now meets nearby and WHO drinking water quality measures, the unused water treatment forms (Ozonation and BAC Channels) will move forward the drinking water supply quality to a prevalent standard.


  • Produce 200 million litre of drinking water per day
  • AWARDED full mechanical fabrication & equipment Installation contract
  • Mechanical pipe – mild steel cement lining, ozone stainless steel piping & pvc.
  • Fabrication of 300 ton worth of pipe support & structure.
  • Full professional engineer calculation with endorsement for all structure.
  • Replacing treated water pumps for Pumping Station with 6 units with 13 Million Gallons per Day capacity.

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